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  1. Key Benefits of Joining Premier...

    Premier is the UK’s largest symbol group, with over 3,400 stores nationwide.

    Each Premier store is independently owned by the retailer.

    Premier's 4-weekly promotional programme covers a wide range of essential products.

    Booker regularly benchmarks their own label products, to provide only the best value and quality to Premier customers.

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Who is Premier?

The Premier brand is owned by Booker, and managed by a central team at Booker's Wellingborough head office. Premier retailers are supported by Booker's 70 Regional Development Managers, who are spread throughout the country.

Supporting Small Business

Each Premier store is independently owned and run. The Premier team supply each store with a fascia, posters and other point-of-sale materials and a regular four-week promotion. In return retailers spend an agreed amount with Booker.

This approach means that each Premier store has the character and spirit of a local store, with friendly independent retailers, excellent service, and often an increased benefit to the local economy when compared to a multiple grocer.

Amazing Value

Every four weeks, each Premier Store has a number of a Mega Deals, these impressively low prices are on essentials lines like washing powder and toilet tissue as well as treats such as crisps and soft drinks.

There are three types of Premier store: licensed stores selling alcohol, non-licensed stores that do not sell alcohol, and Express stores that sell a smaller range of alcohol and groceries. Every four weeks each Premier store is given a selection of promotions to run; these include deals on fresh food, confectionery and cleaning products aswell as beers, ciders and spirits. These incredible prices are supported with point of sale material to help Premier stores advertise these amazing value promotions, both inside and outside their stores.

In addition to these great offers, Premier stores stock a wide range of Happy Shopper and Euro Shopper products as well as big named brands. This allows Premier stores to provide amazing value for their customers.

Award Winning

The Premier symbol group regularly comes top in customer satisfaction surveys.

In 2017, Premier won the CTP Shopper's Favourite Symbol Retailer Award.

Booker is proud of the fantastic Premier retailers and all the staff who work hard to make the Premier brand the success it is today.

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Online Exclusive Products

Online Exclusive products are not stocked in your chosen branch. They are ordered in for you and will normally be available within .

Direct Delivered Products

Direct delivered products are not stocked in your chosen branch. They will be delivered directly to your business address.

You will need to provide credit card details for these items at checkout.

Core In Every Store Lines

Core In Every Store lines are lines that every store within the
sector should be stocking for thier consumers to buy.

These lines are the lines that provide the best possible POR, while
covering all the core ranges that a retail store might sell.

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