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Sustainability Initiatives at Booker Wholesale

Our commitment to sustainability

Reducing our impact on the environment is a priority here at Booker. We take energy efficiency, waste reduction and sustainability very seriously, and it is this commitment that has lead to us winning Green Wholesaler of the Year at the Grocer Gold Awards for the second year running.

Our customer recycling schemes are unique because they save our customers time and also money (customers have reported savings of up to £1400 a year compared to commercial recycling services).

Finally, our in-house energy efficiency is a top priority. By implementing sustainability initiatives throughout our offices, branches, distribution centres, and vehicle fleet, we have been able to make significant energy savings, and we are committed to continual improvement.

Carbon Trust Standard...

Booker is the first food wholesaler in the UK to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard. We are committed to further reductions year on year.

Measured on gas, electricity and diesel, the reduction has been achieved by focusing on distribution efficiencies, colleague training and awareness campaigns, and supporting customers with green products and services.
Battery Recycling...

Recycle your used batteries at your local Booker branch, no purchase necessary.

If retailers require a battery recycling station and signs for their own store, Please contact Valpak on 08450 682 572
Cardboard and shrink-wrap recycling

  • Conforms to UK waste legislation
  • Save time and money

  • Used Cooking Oil Recycling...

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